OZK-Platinum Cut ( Indoor ) Indica Hybrid

(15 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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OZK-Platinum Cut ( Indoor ) Indica Hybrid

(15 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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* This batch has slightly less purple than previous batches. It was cultivated from the exact same clones as previous batches.*

OZK Platinum Cut is coming in at 15.295% CBDa and LOQ% Delta 9 THC. This strain doesn’t need much of an introduction. The Platinum Cut is one of our top cuts of OZ Kush. It has tons of trichomes with some hints of purple. This strain has a classic kush aroma with creamy sweetness and fuel undertones. This is our first pheno release of this particular pheno, with more coming in the near future. This is an indica hybrid strain and is popular for afternoon/evening use.


OZK Platinum Cut

15 reviews for OZK-Platinum Cut ( Indoor ) Indica Hybrid

  1. Leafz (Verified Buyer)

    I was fortunate to receive full sized nuggs from the pre-bf sale as smalls. One word comes to mind when I took a whiff of this, sublime. Beautifully trimmed and I can’t wait to try it out in my vape.

  2. Darren Hodge (Verified Buyer)

    This stuff is phenomenal! My #1 go to strain. Smell is gassy and fruity. Buds are sticky and the tastes is incredible. Great relaxing effects highly recommend this strain for anxiety and stress!!!

  3. Honri75 (Verified Buyer)

    Effects are soo good, I get one of the smalls for squeezing, and another for vaping, beautiful combo, and for 10 clams I get the option to dab, wonderful service!! FLW rocks!!!

  4. Jacob e (Verified Buyer)

    This is fire. I always order the smalls and they are never small. This company is by far some of the best cbd.

  5. Isaac Hernandez (Verified Buyer)

    First time trying hemp , seen some review on this ozk from fLW and man I heard nothing but good things about this strain , I thought it was all hype but im here to tell you β€œit not all hype !”, I have troubles sleeping every night and it really got me sleeping like a baby and waking up in a good mood , great smell!

  6. CW (Verified Buyer)

    Ounce Worthy! Had garlick cut & plz #4 I think, this is the best. Garlic cut is more energizing imo because of its cbg content so that’s more daytimish for me but insomnia kicks my a** & a joint of this or vape it at 375-380 relaxes me to where I can get sum decent sleep n yeah it will give u a decent stoney couch lock buzz if u smoke enough of it!

  7. Andrew (Verified Buyer)

    This is the best cbd flower on the market. This instantly relived my knee pain and anxiety. This strain here is my favorite of all time. Please keep it coming. Great job!!!

  8. bob52r (Verified Buyer)

    The very best cbd indica flower I have experienced other the last year . I am dealing with pain, anxiety and insomnia.
    This flower is more effective than higher thc9 flower for my needs without any strong intoxication…slight buzz if I smoke a lot.

    Smell, taste and effects are top shelf. Try vaging it at 370 f……taste is out of this world.

    Strong indicata body feelings. Eliminates pain my bad knee and low back……all.my muscles are completely relaxed.

    Deserves 6 stars.

  9. Joe Dirt (Verified Buyer)

    Hands down the best hemp I’ve had my hands on and I only got the smalls. Smokes so smooth and has absolutely amazing terps. Coats your mouth in flavor. Will be back for more. Thanks FLW!

  10. Jeff Henry (Verified Buyer)

    Wow, what can I say, Holy Grail for body pain! This is a joy to vape at bedtime, or anytime pain relief is needed. Difficult to stay awake but this is undeniable pain relief.

  11. Curtis Little (Verified Buyer)

    Definitely some top shelf hemp!! Totally understand the hype train. Smells just like a platinum og kush. Heavy sweet gassy kush aroma. Very pungent. A1 steak sauce right here! 😎 😎 β›½ β›½ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

  12. Andrew J (Verified Buyer)

    The smell on this is incredible! Amazing buds

  13. Dronuggz (Verified Buyer)

    Absolute fire! One of FLW’s best strains this year no doubt, and my favorite of the ozk phenos thus far. Superior medicine, thank you Five Leaf Wellness!

  14. TJ (Verified Buyer)

    Like a dream, Merry Christmas πŸŽ„

  15. Ryan S (Verified Buyer)

    I was lucky enough to receive this today and I truly understand why it is as hyped as it is. I’ve tried a lot of different hemp strains, but nothing quite compares to the potency of OZ Kush

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