Lemon Cherry Gelato ( Indoor ) Hybrid

(11 customer reviews)


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Lemon Cherry Gelato ( Indoor ) Hybrid

(11 customer reviews)


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Lemon Cherry Gelato is coming in at 28.7% THCa and 0.294% Delta 9 THC. LCG is a cross of Sunset Sherbert and Girl Scout Cookies. This is a classic but a phenomenal strain. This has a very pungent skunk aroma with sour lemon undertones. The nug structure is beautiful and covered in trichomes.Β  Β With this being a hybrid it would be popular for mid day.


11 reviews for Lemon Cherry Gelato ( Indoor ) Hybrid

  1. bmkane7 (Verified Buyer)

    Sour, fruity smell. Very potent, bud is covered in trichomes. Good balanced effects.

  2. Bryan S. (Verified Buyer)

    Classic gelato smell and taste πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ

  3. bmkane7 (Verified Buyer)

    Nose is like gassy cherries to me. Smokes very smooth with balanced effects. Bud is pretty caked in trichomes. Another winner in my book.

  4. slimedup843 (Verified Buyer)

    This 1 is the truth….I dare you to dome a blunt of it πŸ˜‚ keep the πŸ”₯ coming FLW

  5. R (Verified Buyer)

    First time with this infamous strain. After some time in a jar the smell is chef’s kiss a the effects are potent. Another winner.

  6. ProfessorCannabis (Verified Buyer)

    Absolutely stellar strain. I didn’t realize how dark this strain was until I received it, but it is indeed quite dark. Strong funky smell, with nice solid bud structure (no larfy mess or rough trim). Good enough that I came back and purchased it during a second drop.

  7. drewkxracer (Verified Buyer)


  8. Big Mike (Verified Buyer)

    Lemons and cherries soaked in gasoline. This is top shelf A1 quality. Amazing in every aspect. Effects are smacking me in the head. Very good medication as always!

  9. Flabyboy (Verified Buyer)

    Incredible flower. Frosted with the perfect cure. Smell is loud and the smoke is smooth. Can never go wrong with these guys at FLW

  10. Ryan S (Verified Buyer)

    Fire strain really potent and tastes great 5 stars

  11. Claysan (Verified Buyer)

    The Nose On This Is Sweet And Savory. Amazing
    Taste On This Cut. Not As Sticky As My #1 FLW strain 🦍. But the taste makes up for it. Great job FLW gardeners πŸ‘ I shall return. Have gorilla on stock ALWAYS 😁 PLEASE. from now until forever. Thank you.

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