Five Leaf Cookies

(11 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Five Leaf Cookies

(11 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Five Leaf Cookies are coming in at 22.7mg THC, 14.6mg CBD, with a total THC percentage of 0.085% per cookie. We are excited to release our “Baked” line. These cookies taste delicious and have an almost 1:1 ratio of hemp derived THC/CBD. These are available in sugar and chocolate chip with each pack containing 2 cookies.

FLW Cookie COA


Sugar Cookie Ingredients: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Butter (Milk), Eggs, Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate, Contains trace amounts of soy.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Ingredients: Flour (Wheat), Sugar, Butter (Milk), Brown Sugar, Egg, Chocolate Chips, Vanilla Extract, Baking Soda, Salt, Full Spectrum Hemp distillate, Contains trace amounts of soy.



11 reviews for Five Leaf Cookies

  1. Bryan S. (Verified Buyer)

    These taste great and the effects are spot on. I was definitely impressed by these cookies.

  2. Bailey Beaver (Verified Buyer)

    These are TASTY! not something I ever expect to say about an edible, but I genuinely enjoyed the taste (I got the blueberry flavor). I would caution even experienced users to go slow on these and start with half. My partner and I both had a whole and I could not read, while they actually got a little greened out. I think taking half, then the other half 1.5 hrs later would be a great time.

  3. residodesign (Verified Buyer)

    The strawberry sugar cookie was amazing!!!
    I’ve been meaning to order more.

  4. Nay (Verified Buyer)

    Amazing !!! The taste …. Down to the effects! Great Products, some of the best I’ve came across. Thanks FLW, keep dropping bangers!

  5. Danny (Verified Buyer)

    So very taste and potent. I ate 1 cookie my first time and had a great time. Some productivity. It wasn’t my first time having edibles and figured upping to 2 cookies on a day off would be fun. It smacked me in a great way. Delicious and seems inline with the CoA.

  6. Joel Hosch (Verified Buyer)

    Hold on tight is all I can say with this one…. and you better start of with 1/2 a cookie, thought I was a pro until add tangled with a whole chocolate chip cookie 🍪

  7. Wintermindz (Verified Buyer)

    Both are very good cookies an have potent effects, in my opinion the price for 2 cookies is wroth it. Cereal treats not so much as it’s $9 for 1 an it’s $12 for 1 pack of cookies so if you get 4 cereal treats you get 4 for $36 but if you get 4 packs of cookies you get 8 for $48 because there’s 2 cookies in each pack. So if you were to get 8 cereal bars it would $72 for a lower mg.

  8. Joshua mullins (Verified Buyer)

    I just tryed 1/4 of a sugar cookie so almost 6mg of thc and 3.5 mg of cbd so not much because i can’t take to much thc anymore.i kicked in like 1 and half to 2 hours and lasted around 2 hours.just very relaxed.taste amazing.i would store in freezer and just take 1/4 a cookie if you cant take much thc because i no the number low but one cookie is around 23mg of thc and eating thc is much stronger than smoking or vaping will take longer to hit you but last much longer.i am giving the rest to my dad because he has no problem with thc.even 1/4 of cookie was two strong for me but i just smoke or dry vape cbd flowers now at almost 41 but if you smoke weed i would start at half a cookie then a few hours later go from their.

  9. Mollie G (Verified Buyer)

    My new favorite cookies. Sugar cookies taste amazing. They have a crispy texture and the effects are smooth and relaxing. Like the previous review eat 1 to relax and 2 to get baked. Im going to keep these in stock.

  10. D’vaureo (Verified Buyer)

    These cookies are magically delicious & the effects are perfect. If you want to relax eat 1, if you want to get baked eat 2.

  11. Michael K

    Chocolate Chip Cookies are delicious and unadulterated, with a crispy/crunchy texture more similar to a chips ahoy than a soft or gooey cookie. Effects are there and note that the listed numbers are per cookie. Looking forward to trying the sugar cookie next time.

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