White Truffle x Apple Fritter ( Indoor ) Hybrid

(11 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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White Truffle x Apple Fritter ( Indoor ) Hybrid

(11 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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White Truffle x Apple Fritter is coming in at 19.170% THCa and 0.204% Delta 9 THC. This strain is covered in trichomes and has beautiful hints of purple. The aroma on this strain consist of sour apples, sweet candy, and has hints gas/pine. This is a heavy hitting hybrid but may lean slightly indica.  This is a potent strain and recommended for experienced users.


11 reviews for White Truffle x Apple Fritter ( Indoor ) Hybrid

  1. John (Verified Buyer)

    Super frosty inside and out. Immaculate buds with an insanely good cure. Tastes like sour apples, with some little spice thrown in there on the backend, but nothing major. The nose is a little subdued, but comes out once you break it down. The effects on this one may lean a bit sedating for me personally, but overall it feels balanced. This stuff is fire, definite 5/5.

  2. Michael Leighton (Verified Buyer)

    Great stuff as always

  3. Adam (Verified Buyer)

    An AMAZING hybrid! Lots of green apple aroma mixed with truffle funk! I’ve been around… It doesn’t get better than this, just different. For me 50:50 hybrid effects. Bag appeal 10/10 Cure = perfect. Got a zip and am a STOKED customer.

  4. Mr. C (Verified Buyer)

    Incredible appearance and effects. FLW is the GOAT.

  5. David (Verified Buyer)

    wow wow WOW. FLW has blown me away with each pickup, but this one is easily the most stunning. Not only did they drop one of the best type 1s I have had in the last 3 years, but they did it during a SALE. So good I had to come back for more. Keep up the absolutely incredible work FLW team.

  6. Aaron Mello (Verified Buyer)

    Every time I order something from Five Leaf, I find my new favorite. WTAF, the nose on this one is intoxicating and has a very unique flavor.

  7. Curtis Little (Verified Buyer)

    Best type 1 flower I’ve bought from Five Leaf! All the other type ones were still fire but this is exceptional. I work at (Green Thumb Industries) a Medical Marijuana grower/processor im Pennsylvania and this looks better then some of the stuff we put out. The effects are really great too. Definitely classic hybrid effects but it made me really giggly. 9.5 out of 10!

  8. Curtis Little (Verified Buyer)

    Best type 1 flowers I’ve gotten from Five Leaf. All have been quality, but this one is exceptionally good!! Looks better then some dispensary flower I see and I work at a grower/processer. Great hybrid effects. Made me laugh at nothing lol 9.6 out of 10!

  9. Big Mike (Verified Buyer)

    Another fire type 1 option from FLW. Scent is sweet and sour like candy. Similar taste profile as well. The smoke is buttery smooth and the effects are nicely balanced. Great all day smoke that allows you to function and be happy!

  10. Jh (Verified Buyer)

    Didn’t really know what to expect with this combo, but it really tickles your taste buds, sour apples, with a zing. Effects on the mellow side, creeps into indica traits, change of pace all around with those genetics, buds are on point, 8.9/10

  11. Busi

    Fantastic smell and effects. White Truffle x Apple Fritter might be better than their Tropicana type 1 strain. FLW has the best type 1’s you can find at a fair price, when they have it in stock.

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