Super Boof ( Indoor ) Hybrid

(18 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Super Boof ( Indoor ) Hybrid

(18 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Super Boof is coming in at 24.314% THCa and 0.192% Delta9 THC . This strain is covered in trichomes and has an absolutely beautiful appearance. The aroma consist of tropical sweetness . This is a very Potent hybrid and is recommended for experienced users.

Super Boof


18 reviews for Super Boof ( Indoor ) Hybrid

  1. Bernard jackson

    Very good

  2. R (Verified Buyer)

    Update: I first ordered superboof a few months ago. Got 14g Smalls and they were amazing. I prefer stanky savory terps, but for a fruity profile this is the tops. My second order was for 28gs and just want to say it was as good as the first order. FlW doesn’t disappoint!

  3. R (Verified Buyer)

    The terps on this flower is insane. 10/10! Always an instant buy!

  4. steamacc336 (Verified Buyer)

    This is some of the best tasting flower I’ve ever smoked, and at less than $80 shipped for an oz of “smalls” this was more than worth it.

  5. bmkane7 (Verified Buyer)

    Amazing. Some of the frostier bud I’ve seen in a while. Has a strong tangerine smell that translates perfectly to the taste. The high for me was heady and long lasting.

  6. Gorilla Finger (Verified Buyer)

    Nice Flavor. Tropicana Cookies Dominated With The Orange Peel After Taste. Great Cut. Waiting In Patiently For My 🦍 CBD 😄 GorillaxDinamed Kush 💨

  7. CARLOS PINEDA (Verified Buyer)

    Absolutely insane fire this is SOOOO FROSTY and full trich heads none of that knocked off shit. The flavor is lemon and cherry towards the end. very bright flavor. i LOVE FLW

  8. Derek LeBrasseur (Verified Buyer)

    Just arrived yesterday and am having a hard time not smoking or vaping it. It smells and looks so awesome as well that I’ve also simply been just admiring it. That was my first order but definitely not my last. The cure is also great and it doesn’t look like it’s been through machine cutting. Lots of keif as well.

  9. jt.thill (Verified Buyer)

    Hands down my favorite strain. I try this at every vendor, and so when I say I love FLW’s, it’s not said lightly. I absolutely love this strain from FLW and wish we saw it more.

  10. Morgan H (Verified Buyer)

    Pressed into some fucking bomb ass rosin 💣 🔥 🌲

    Smokes pretty decent too but the rosin is best I’ve had for flower ros. Here’s hoping it’s around next year.

  11. scott ivey (Verified Buyer)

    it’s so nice! very orange-heavy with the scent and tastes like orange peel. the buds are beautiful and cured very well. I love it.

  12. Daniel Valdez (Verified Buyer)

    Wow, this one’s special. Hints of oranges hit the nose, very citrusy and fresh. The effects are the real deal though. It leans more indica for me, which is even better. I had to come back and order more. 10/10

  13. quinnconklin1993 (Verified Buyer)

    great flavor super smooth all around good quality

  14. Hunter

    Ok I’ve been combing the market for the past couple months for the THCA flower that really smack on all categories. You guys have a phenomenal product with this super boot thca flower. The best THCA I’ve come across yet and I will be a returning customer.

  15. Mr. C (Verified Buyer)

    Delicious orange, tropical terps. It’s fantastic, you’ll keep coming back for the flavor and the effects.

  16. dan993 (Verified Buyer)

    The smell is sweet fruity orange and cherries. The taste is sweet and fruity. Effects smack your head. Some of the best superboof you can get 🙂

  17. David Pyles Jr (Verified Buyer)

    Just got my super boof and I got one word..outstanding!!! Soon as I popped the top the terpenes hit me hard , nothing but bright citrus 😌 reminded me of some fresh oranges. Sparked it up and it tasted exactly what it smells like , the effects are amazing and you better stock up before it’s sold out!!

  18. Big Mike (Verified Buyer)

    Y’all nailed it yet again! Best Super Boof I’ve ever had. It’s completely frosted over, and reaks of sweet oranges with a nutty undertone. Incredible taste that follows closely with the scent. Leaves an aftertaste reminiscent of orange tic tacs. Even after using CBD throughout the day, this still hit me like a train. Very potent, and feels to me like it leans indica. Incredible medicine as I’ve come to expect from FLW. 💚

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