Kandy Kush #25 ( Indoor ) Sativa Hybrid

(19 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Kandy Kush #25 ( Indoor ) Sativa Hybrid

(19 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Kandy Kush is coming in at 12.8% CBDa and LOQ% Delta9 THC. This batch is a select pheno and was selected for its higher trichome content,larger bud size and overall more pungent aroma. This is a sativa hybrid we have been very excited about. This strain represents a sour diesel/fuel aroma with undertones of savory and kush. The smell on this strain comes out very pungent when broken down.  This strain has a very beautiful light green color and is covered in trichomes and orange pistils.  This is a very pungent sativa hybrid and represents a very nice headiness. Being a sativa hybrid this is most popular for early to all day use.

Kandy Kush COA

Kandy Kush 23

19 reviews for Kandy Kush #25 ( Indoor ) Sativa Hybrid

  1. Peter (Verified Buyer)

    Amazing bud structure.

  2. Big Mike (Verified Buyer)

    Amazing looking buds covered in trichomes. Nice sweet and sour smell/taste. Very smooth smoke. It is calming, yet keeps you focused and alert. Possibly my favorite type 3 I’ve had yet.

  3. Maleek Walls (Verified Buyer)

    A gorgeous strain with vibrant orange pistols and a strong aroma, smokes smooth.

  4. Toourd Ferguson (Verified Buyer)


    Loud layer upon layer of fuel and candy on the nose with similar flavors once ignited.

    Very noticeable effects for a T3. Energetic + uplifting without being racy.

    Is great as a stand alone or as a mixer with T1/2s. As far as sativa leaning T3s go, this is some of the best I’ve had. Honestly puts every T3 I tried from Flow earlier last year to shame, just like basically everything I’ve scooped from FLW.

    There are a lot of companies out there charging far more for a much inferior product. Props to FLW once again for providing good affordable medicine to the people.

  5. John (Verified Buyer)

    This is an awesome CBD flower. Strong aroma with a complex range of gas/fuel notes. Excellent, dense structure on these buds with a perfect cure to match. Sticky, flavorful and some uplifting effects. Thanks FLW!

  6. TJ (Verified Buyer)

    Reminds me of candy queen but peppier, more visual and surprisingly energizing- the reviews are correct. This doesn’t seem to sit on the shelf long

  7. Jdubs (Verified Buyer)

    Fire 🔥💯

  8. Jdubs (Verified Buyer)


  9. Zealyen (Verified Buyer)

    Best nug structure in the game. You would’ve thought you ordered top shelf cannabis in Cali when ordering from FLW. Amazing guys!

    5 freaking stars!

  10. millhousepwnz (Verified Buyer)

    This was the first thing I ordered from this company and I will NOT be ordering anywhere else. I am more than pleased with everything about the flower. Super excited for future releases.

  11. spencerpeake93 (Verified Buyer)

    Fiveleafwellness beats the competition. Period..

  12. Dronuggz (Verified Buyer)

    This strain for me is just a better version of Sour Tsunami. If you’ve ever had Sour Tsunami it has a very similar smell and taste, just bumped up a notch. It’s a great strain and love to have it after my breakfast.

  13. Mike R. (Verified Buyer)

    Sweet and gassy. I vape my flower so I get the full experience in 2-3 hits. First hit is nothing but sweetness, second hit has sweetness and diesel, third hit no sweetness just diesel. I got the 14g smalls and the buds are trimmed well, sticky, and orange hairs galore. Not dense, very fluffy. The best sativa CBD flower I’ve tried.

  14. spencerpeake93 (Verified Buyer)

    Nice sticky buds, the appearance of this strain. Is just absolutely beautiful. Light green covered with orange pistols. Yes indeed has a kush diesel ⛽ taste. Nice smoke. Fiveleafwellness can’t be beat

  15. spencerpeake93 (Verified Buyer)

    Just got my order today. Absolutely beautiful strain. Light green, covered with orange 🍊 pistols. U can taste the kush. I realy enjoying this strain. Fiveleafwellness delivers excellence. Best no doubt. They deliver top, notch cbd flower. My opinion they can’t be beat

  16. Gekerm

    Just got my order today the best CBd company. Period

  17. Craig (Verified Buyer)

    Great cure, nice and sticky. Well grown and taken care of. It has a pungent sour fruit with a hint of kush. Delicious lingering taste when vaped. Very uplifting, just makes you feel good.

  18. Gabriel

    Wow I can’t believe how goood kandy kush smells and taste awesome . Super fresh with a great cure and trim. Perfect for day time and social events thank you guys

  19. Joel Hosch

    Thank you Melissa for the sample… Kandy kush it’s a perfect name for this strain sweet candy with that cushy cologne smell and taste very enjoyable smoke

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