Gorilla CBD ( Indoor ) Indica

(38 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Gorilla CBD ( Indoor ) Indica

(38 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Coming in at 11.425% CBDa , 10.258% THCa, 0.224% Delta 9, and 23.944% Total Cannabinoids. For all the Indica fans out there this strain is amazing! It has a kushy/gorilla glue aroma with undertones of earthiness and savory. These nugs are hand trimmed and represents average-medium size nugs. This strain is very sticky and is very potent! This is an Indica dominant strain ( Gorilla x Dinamed Kush CBD ) and is popular for evening/night use.

Gorilla CBD







38 reviews for Gorilla CBD ( Indoor ) Indica

  1. 🧱 (Verified Buyer)

    Medicinal Properties. 1:1 perfect. By Far My Favorite Type 2 herb PERIOD. Gorilla/Dyna CBD ❤️‍🔥

  2. BuildAbong (Verified Buyer)

    By Far, One Of My Favorites. Sticky Sticky…..Great Medicine. Keep This Cut FLW…It’s A 💎. Gonna Purchase Halfs And Oz of this From Now On. Mahalos

  3. Curtis Little (Verified Buyer)

    Excellent flower! Beyond words how 🔥 this type 2 is. I’ve bought so many zips and never ive never been dissatisfied. Perfect morning time strain for me but can be used any time of day.

  4. Flabyboy (Verified Buyer)

    This stuff is fantastic. Beautiful flower. Not the best nose, but the effects are incredible. Please keep this one

  5. Big Mike (Verified Buyer)

    Gorilla never fails to instantly put me in a calm and peaceful state of mind. Gorgeous sticky nugs with a strong kush smell and taste. This is one of the best type 2’s your gonna get period. Incredible medicine that destroys pain and anxiety.

  6. dalton.hatley (Verified Buyer)

    This flower is fantastic. My quarter contained a lovely variety of super sticky and pungent nugs that provide a smooth, flavorful experience and lovely effects. The ratio of CBD and THC provided by this strain is great. I will definitely be on the look out for identical strains to try.

  7. Adam (Verified Buyer)

    Had some pressed into rosin: amazing. Super good body medicine before bed. Would highly recommend.

  8. joseadanb (Verified Buyer)

    GG#4 is one of my fav strains and the glue chem smell is very present on this flower with a buttery smell on the back end that balances it out very well. I like this flower better with the equal cbd part the high is smoother and more visceral body feel. Great for rosin pressing good yields. Keep this one in rotation always thanks FLW

  9. Toourd Ferguson (Verified Buyer)

    Can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said several times in these reviews.

    T2 medicine at its best. Effects unmatched. Please keep this one in rotation. 🙏

  10. Tim (Verified Buyer)

    The Gorilla has quickly become my favorite type 2 flower. Five leafs flower reminds me of good quality homegrown. The smell taste and effects are all on point.

  11. Duncan G (Verified Buyer)

    This is hands down my favorite strain, five leaf does a terrific job producing and delivering amazing quality flower. This strain specifically has the magic touch!

  12. Mr. C (Verified Buyer)

    Absolutely fantastic smell, taste, effects, and quality. You can tell it is handled with love.

  13. Trenten Willis (Verified Buyer)

    Great flower . Crazy sticky and tasty. Amazing customer service as well. I think my next bulk purchase might be a qp of this stuff.

  14. Jordan Crawford (Verified Buyer)

    Gorilla is one of my fav t2 in the game rn🫡

  15. Keith

    Very good good head buzz and some body

  16. Rocky (Verified Buyer)

    This flower is highly medicinal, and I’ve already ordered it 3 times. It melts away my anxiety and is the perfect combination of 50/50 THC-CBD, an is a rare find today.

  17. John (Verified Buyer)

    Absolutely one of the best and most potent indica leaning type 2 flowers available on the market today. THC sensitive users beware!

  18. dan993 (Verified Buyer)

    Beautiful flower, stinky as well, like a earth/kush/dank/skunk. Very strong indica, great for pain, anxiety and sleep. Gives me the munchies really bad lol. Very strong for a type 2. This has been some amazing medicine!!

  19. Paul Monteith (Verified Buyer)

    This strain is as good as it gets.

  20. Paul Monteith (Verified Buyer)

    Can’t go wrong with this strain. One of the better ones I’ve tried.

  21. Sal (Verified Buyer)

    WARNING MIND ALTERING COMPOUND…..For those of us who enjoy CBD hemp flower and DO NOT use psychoactive components this is Very Important. I did not think it had any THC since it said Gorrilla CBD. Smoked some last night and I knew IMMEDIATELY something was wrong. Excellent flower but at the price of having a mind altering compound NO Thank You.

  22. Kennethscott (Verified Buyer)

    Sticky sticky, Smell earthy and maybe could have cured another 2 weeks- FLO are the experts- please keep pricing and TRANSPARENCY, no Greed

  23. M (Verified Buyer)

    I’m confused as to whether or not the THC rating is correct because I feel way too intoxicated from this. It gave me a panic attack unfortunately, which is unlike any CBD flower I’ve ever had. Starting to a little better now, but I’d like a FLW employee to reach to me! Could this have been mislabeled?

  24. johnnpre504 (Verified Buyer)

    Fantastic. grown with love. sent with care.

  25. DuDirty (Verified Buyer)

    This is the 2nd most potent I’ve had from FLW. (LemonBerry is still the best). After a long days work, kids, and everyday life Gorilla is it. I don’t even have to mix it with real THC 🔥🔥🔥

  26. matt (Verified Buyer)

    top notch stuff here hard to come by though it’s sells out fast wish I knew around when it would drop again plan to buy alot next time best type 2 I’ve had

  27. Aaron Mello (Verified Buyer)

    5 stars from me. Great taste, great effects, very enjoyable strain. Think I might add it to the rotation more often

  28. wasp9166 (Verified Buyer)

    Stuff is potent ,too strong for me ,beware

  29. TJ (Verified Buyer)

    I concur with the reviews. Takes gorilla 🦍 to new levels

  30. Curtis Little (Verified Buyer)

    Such an amazing strain I picked up a Qp! Definitely has that gorilla glue type aroma but also reminds me of the OZ kush slightly as well. The effects are great. Big fan of 1 to 1s because they have a more rounded effects. I also use Type 1 dispensary flower so I know quality when I see it and this gorilla cbd is 🔥

  31. Austin (Verified Buyer)

    Amazing, stronger then other CBD strains. Good Indica effects, has a strong kush/skunky smell with great flavor skunk/earthy taste to me

  32. Adam corbitt (Verified Buyer)

    This is some of the best flower I’ve ever had period. The cure is perfect, the smell is pure dankness, and the taste is straight old school gassy kush.

  33. Holt Gatlin (Verified Buyer)

    Quality of the flower doesn’t leave much to be desired, smooth smoke, a flavor that smacks you through your RAW Black and stays for a while. Those effect you want after a heavy training session or a double a work, and a nice day time blend with some added type 1.

    The kind of cultivar that makes you say “man I gotta get more this before I can’t”. In a world full of Frankenstein type 1’s this is a breath of fresh air. Thanks guys!

  34. Keefthesneak (Verified Buyer)

    Was not expecting to catch as strong a buzz as I did. Would recommend caution. Recommend for experienced users. Smells wonderful and looks as good as it smells surprisingly potent kicked my butt.

  35. David O’Donnell (Verified Buyer)

    Been lurking FLW for the last 2 years, and finally made my first purchase. Pretty sure I hit the jackpot with this one because this is probably the best type 2 strain I have ever had. You can definitely tell they care about the flower all the way through the process as the cure was perfect and the terpenes were so well intact that I was shocked. A++++++

  36. vwmkv18 (Verified Buyer)

    This is my first time trying this company, the shipping was extremely fast, and the flow has is great very kushy and provides great medical pain releif , with a couch lock effect

  37. Rose (Verified Buyer)

    I’ve been with u guys for the sec year now an this is the firest flower I’ve had top notch cbd u guys needa have more thca cuz this is my sec favorite

  38. Jason (Verified Buyer)

    Been buying flower for a while, and why the Buds are average size they are super sticky and pack a punch. Can honestly say the Best I ever smoked, fire all the way. Just picked up another OZ this will disappear quickly when more people get there hands on this one !!!!

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