Blueberry ( Indoor )Indica Hybrid

(10 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Blueberry ( Indoor )Indica Hybrid

(10 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Blueberry is coming in at 18.818% THCa and 0.121% Delta 9 THC.  This is an old school classic. Blueberry was created by Canadian DJ Short and dates back to the 1970s. It is a 3-way Indica-dominant hybrid cross of an Afghani strain together with Thai and a Purple Thai. This strain is a little less dense than some of our previous releases but still has great effects and still taste amazing! We have this at a lower price tier based on appearance.








10 reviews for Blueberry ( Indoor )Indica Hybrid

  1. jt.thill (Verified Buyer)

    Great as a mixer! Airy bud structure, but that was not a surprise based on the description.

  2. Thomas DiPietro (Verified Buyer)

    Wonderful strain! I got back into cannabis after about a decade of non-use, and for the last 2 years I have been consuming mainly type 2 and 3 flower. Until now! With my tolerance up, I’ve been dipping my toes into some “lower percentage” type 1 strains, and I’m glad this was one of my first choices! Wonderful aroma and relaxing effects when winding down for the evening. I noticed a slight rush of anxiety during onset which quickly tapered off into peace and comfort after a few evening sessions with this strain. What a wonderful introduction for me back to traditional “higher thc” cannabis. Highly recommended!

  3. zps272 (Verified Buyer)

    I appreciate this strain and I’m happy with the quality 5LW made it. The flavor/aroma brought back a few old memories of Blueberry, and the effects are very pleasant. Fun, relaxing, and potent. It’s hard to meet these high expectation of a famous strain from back in the day but this does that for me so I’m happy with my purchase.

  4. Mr C. (Verified Buyer)

    This blueberry strain is a heavy hitter despite the lower listed THCa percentage. Even with a higher tolerance than most, this strain got me exactly where I wanted to be effects in terms of relaxation and euphoria.

    It isn’t the prettiest looking flower due to genetics, but I kind of love how hairy looking it is.

    This is my personal favorite strain from all vendors in the past year; I hope Five Leaf Wellness keeps bringing these old school genetics out, because other vendors are too focused on dessert strains.

  5. John (Verified Buyer)

    Honestly a let down. Have had a few different orders from five leaf and I typically love them. Five leaf has quickly started to become a favorite. Very fluffy. Reminds me of type 2 when I break it up and not in a good way. Harsh at first. I’ll burn though this as fast as possible to wait on another release from five leaf. This one was a swing and a miss in my opinion.

  6. B (Verified Buyer)

    Other than the bud structure, this one checks the boxes. Great smell, super sticky, and fairly potent.

  7. Toourd Ferguson (Verified Buyer)

    Coming from someone who used to smoke a lot of OG Bluberry back in the early/mid ’00s — this stuff is 100% legit OG DJ Short 🫐 (unlike other crap that other larger vendors have sold and called ‘blueberry’ in the past .. ahem WNC looking at you).

    Exactly as described. Bud structure is a little looser than usual but I would not consider this larfy. Arrived nicely cured and sticky. Smell, taste, and effects are all completely on point.

    Top notch creative, happy cerebral energy combined with heavy body/muscle relaxation will be a familiar feeling for anyone who knows this strain. Unbeatable night time effects while still being able to be functional in lower doses during the day.

    Can’t thank FLW enough for continuing to bring heat like this + quality genetics for truly affordable prices. FLW crushes the competition when it comes to flower. The king continues their reign.

    Please keep this restocked + in the reg rotation 🙏

  8. Matt C. (Verified Buyer)

    My favorite effects from the 5 strains I’ve tried from FLW. Even better than most flower from other vendors. These older strains just hit different in the best possible way.

  9. Darren Hodge (Verified Buyer)

    Not super potent just kind of mellow. 1st purchase from the company I didn’t really find appealing. It smells good just taste and effects aren’t truly there. Good for beginners who have lower tolerance

  10. dan993 (Verified Buyer)

    The smell is amazing, blueberries with pine and lemon. The taste is blueberries and pine. Very strong indica that smacks the head and make you wanna eat and sleep. One of the best indica so far 🙂

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