Tropical Paradise ( Indoor ) Sativa Hybrid

(13 customer reviews)


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Tropical Paradise ( Indoor ) Sativa Hybrid

(13 customer reviews)


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Tropical Paradise is coming in at 22.619% CBDa,LOQ Delta9 THC, and 25.678% Total Cannabinoids. This strain represents a tropical mango/ pineapple aroma with heavy diesel/pine undertones. The nugs are all hand trimmed and the nug size is medium with some being larger. This strain is one of our favorite sativa hybrids and is very potent coming in with over 25% total cannabinoids.

Tropical Paradise COA

13 reviews for Tropical Paradise ( Indoor ) Sativa Hybrid

  1. Phillip Higgins (Verified Buyer)

    This is a must try. The tropical flavor is very incredible in this strain is one of the best representation of it on the current hemp market.

  2. Selena Thome

    Solid flower. It’s a smooth smoke. I tried it out of a water bong, dry herb vape, joint papers, and tobacco free rose and goji cones. It hit best out of regular joint papers but hits smooth out of anything. Effects were sativa leaning for me. Very good for daytime. Noticed that I was up and moving around doing things within minutes of smoking. I didn’t notice any distinguishable flavors out of all mediums that I smoked it out of, which was ok because it hit really smooth no matter what. I love Five Leaf Wellness. No matter what you are trying, you absolutely know that anything you buy from them is going to be solid. Always excited to see what is on the menu for the week! Keep producing all this awesome CBD flower guys!

  3. Mark Miller (Verified Buyer)

    Very smooth and tasty. Was impressed by the smalls, as some buds were quarter-sized.

  4. Ben Raper (Verified Buyer)

    Loving it! Sticky and fresh. Good for the daytime

  5. cathyloper5 (Verified Buyer)

    Goergous hemp flower, smells amazing, looks beautiful, smokes clean and has lots of flavor, just nice big buds indeed nice!💯

  6. George Gonzalez (Verified Buyer)

    This is some potent stuff! FlW is killing it.

  7. phillypoppa6 (Verified Buyer)

    This bud smells so good it’s not even funny taste phenomenal no throat burn or chemical taste budz are frosty and the effects are really heavy in a good uplifting way will no doubt be rebuying this

  8. Zitso (Verified Buyer)

    Man oh man was this a good smoke. Although its sativa, it made me sleepy a lot so I smoke a bunch before bed. A little heady but I survived. It was an enjoyable smoke.

  9. Josh M (Verified Buyer)

    This strain is excellent. Smells and taste of tropical fruit. Effects are maybe slightly sativa dominant for me, bud I would call this a hybrid. Effects are strong in the body and head.

  10. Josh M (Verified Buyer)

    I really like this strain! It’s heavy on the pineapple and tropical fruits, in taste and smell. Makes you feel uplifted and happy!

  11. Rauwfabian

    One of the best strains I’ve had . Although , I wish you would guys bring back the Berry crush ! Sheeesssh that one is my favorite one

  12. Carol Ciesielski (Verified Buyer)

    Top shelf hemp flower. Nice light green frosty buds, which smell exactly like fermented tropical fruit. I typically don’t like energetic sativas, as I’m sensitive to stimulants (I can’t even drink coffee), but I couldn’t pass this one up. The effects are almost balanced, there might be a slight upbeat vibe going mentally. It doesn’t inhibit my sleep, but I do prefer this during daytime. The appearance and smell kinda remind me of the plants that I grew from the few seeds I brought back from Hawaii.

  13. Dronuggz (Verified Buyer)

    This strain is amazing. Beautiful light green buds, smell is fantastic…like sweet mangos, kiwi and other tropical fruits. It has a gas note to it along with a little skunk when you crack open a bud. Taste is premium. For the sativa lovers out there, this is a must try! 10/10

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