Mendo Purps ( Indoor ) Indica Hybrid

(14 customer reviews)


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Mendo Purps ( Indoor ) Indica Hybrid

(14 customer reviews)


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Mendo is Back!

Mendo Purps is coming in at 16.46% CBDa and 0.094 Delta9 THC.   Our Mendo Purps CBD version actually has the traditional Mendocino Purps as one of its parent genetics.  This strain is a very potent Indica dominant hybrid. This strain has an earthy/skunky aroma with hints of coffee/caramel and fuel/diesel undertones. This strain has a very unique/complex aroma and is one of our favorite all time strains  . This strain is popular for evening/before bed.

Mendo Purps COA

Contains less than 0.3% THC

14 reviews for Mendo Purps ( Indoor ) Indica Hybrid

  1. Nathan B (Verified Buyer)

    One of the best CBD strains available. The original mendo genetics really shine through here. Amazing flower. Every strain I’ve tried from y’all I’m honestly blown away it’s hemp. Thank you Five Leaf!

  2. Ryan Shoultz

    super potent effects, feeling good and just relaxed. Really working wonders for my anxiety right now. Its a great night time strain to unwind after a rough day. Has a pine-y very light taste to it in the vaporizer. The effects really are straight fire and will not leave you disappointed

  3. Dronuggz (Verified Buyer)

    These Mendo Purps are great! The first thing I smell is that container of tennis balls kind of smell, it’s definitely that type of profile with some earthyness and a small hint of sweet. When you break it down you start to smell little hints of coffee. The taste is great the smoke is smooth the buds are big, chunky, dense and sticky. Effects are nice and relaxing, great strain!

  4. DANIEL DESAIRE (Verified Buyer)

    Was lucky enough to buy a few gram of this. If you’re on the fence, this is absolutely legit. After a good bowl I felt my aches and pains melt away. You can definitely tell it’s a hybrid though, but the indica dominates for sure. First time purchase from this site, it was definitely worth it.

  5. David Haley (Verified Buyer)

    This strain is really, really strong to me. I feel super stoned and it gave me a panic attack similar to what THC does to me. Im not sure if I will finish the rest of it. The smell has a nice smell to it. The effects are super potent. But that could just be me. I recommend anyone this for pain and insomnia for sure. Someone with panic or anxiety disorder, this one hasn’t worked for me. It’s still a 5 star, fire strain, just way too potent for me lol the OZ kush keeps me just right

  6. Austin (Verified Buyer)

    Wow! I’ve ordered a few strain’s from FLW including this mendo purp, and all of them are amazing! From taste/smell to effects. gas, pine, earthy hands down the best place to get your CBD flower you will not be disappointed. Fan for life 10 outta 10! On this strain and all the others I’ve tried. Keep it up y’all

  7. Zackariah (Verified Buyer)

    I enjoyed smoking this strain. Very relaxing and mellow. I would definitely buy it again

  8. Matheu Cawthon (Verified Buyer)

    This strain is was truly impressive ..where do i start? Classic, dense , small structure of a true Indica. Nugs were dusty with trichomes, almost as kief covered as a moonrock to be honest. Smell wise, definitely a medium level intensity of purple out the bag. Now the taste profile is whats really unique to me, as it doesnt really have a strong ,profound taste of berry or grapes ,but rather a mix of vanilla,toffee , some hints of caramel and very faint tones of grapes. The effects of this strain are HEAVY! I promise you this: this strain will surely put you to sleep. When i was finished, i felt my nerves and muscles relax and literally sapped the stress out of my body,as a true medicine does.. Mendocino purps is a true to form indica!

  9. Shahid (Verified Buyer)

    I only order Mendo Purps lmao its so good, gives me a strong focus, i can literally feel it heal my brain. Forever #1 until i find one that can top this! Ive also tried sour space candy, which is also strong but doesnt give me the strong focus that mendo purps gives me 🥴😍🔥

  10. The dude (Verified Buyer)

    This is my all time favorite hemp strain. I’ve been buying hemp since before the 2018 farm bill passed and this is perfect for bedtime for me. The buds are so dense that i have to break them down a little before I put it in my grinder. Load my vaporizer a couple times and im perfectly relaxed! Still looking for a favorites daytime strain that doesn’t make me anxious in anyway.

  11. RCat (Verified Buyer)

    Taste, smell, effects: 10/10. Stop what you’re doing and order this. Relaxing, fun, perfect.

  12. Michael Hipps (Verified Buyer)

    Mendo purp ..SOB This is fire….straight gas this is sum of the best jazz cabbage I have had in a min bro no lie I’m so glad I got a OZ THANKS FLW keep the fire coming

  13. Josh F (Verified Buyer)

    Love the mellow feeling this strain gives. Glad I grabbed a oz early. Almost out so I’ll definitely be grabbing some more.

  14. Sam G (Verified Buyer)

    Bought a half oz of mendo purps and was not disappointed. Looks exactly like the pictures above. Stems so dark its purple. The nugs are a nice darker green color but that is masked by the large amounts of orange hairs. Just a very beautiful flower for all the connoisseurs out there. You won’t regret this one. Nugs are so sticky as well. Its gonna be stuck to your fingers after you break it down and you’ll have that sweet spicy grape aroma with you for a bit. Effect wise, it is potent. It gives me heavy eyes and just a very mellow over all mood. Love this shit. Nothing but fire from FLW.

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