Melon Berries ( Indoor ) Hybrid

(8 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Melon Berries ( Indoor ) Hybrid

(8 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Melon Berries is coming in at 21.8% CBDa and LOQ% Delta 9 THC. This a new strain for us and is absolutely beautiful. This strain has a very pungent complex aroma consisting of sweet candy melons with undertones of berries. The aroma is very unique and smells delicious! This strain is very dense with average size nugs with a very nice hand trimmed finish. This strain is light green in color and is covered in frost. This strain is a very nice all around hybrid and would be popular for all day use.

Melon Berries COA

8 reviews for Melon Berries ( Indoor ) Hybrid

  1. millhousepwnz (Verified Buyer)

    WOW! This is by far one of if not the best CBD flower I have ever tried. 11/10. Hard as a rock, smells like a fresh patch of blackberries on a hot day, matching taste to smell, and looks like a work of freaking art. FLW always blows my mind!

  2. Ryan Shoultz (Verified Buyer)

    Unbelievable sweet watermelon taste in the vape. Five leaf is on a whole-nether level from the competition when it comes to consistency and quality. Buds are gorgeous and thick. awesome effects

  3. Dronuggz (Verified Buyer)

    This strain is an interesting one for me. It has a wonderful smell, I’ve tasted better smoke from FLW but the flavor in the vape is insane. It really shines in the vape and is one of the best tasting I’ve ever had in the vape. The buds are super dense….like rock hard and absolutely covered in crystals. Overall a very good bud with amazing smell and I highly recommend if you love to vape.

  4. Mike R. (Verified Buyer)

    Top shelf CBD flower. Dense, trichomes galore, and the smell is out of this world. Taste reminds me of some honeydew melons. Hitting from my omni, 1st hit – nothing but fruit, 2nd hit – nothing but fruit, 3rd hit – fruit / diesel. Zero harshness! This puts me in the mood to be social like a few beers do, great experience.

  5. spencerpeake93 (Verified Buyer)

    Verry beautiful strain. Nice gorgeous bud’s. Covered with bright shiny crystals. Verry potent 🔥 love the taste. Has a cotton candy 🍭 taste. To me. So glad I had the opportunity to try this one. This strain want dissapoint. It’s a must try

  6. spencerpeake93 (Verified Buyer)

    😱 omg. This strain is absolutely 🔥 beautiful buds. To me it has a cotton candy 🍭 taste. Fiveleafwellness never dissapoints. They deliver with excellence. Really enjoying this strain. Love the Kandy taste. Very potent effects. These guys rock..

  7. Mark Miller (Verified Buyer)

    Another amazing flower! FLW has done it again. Smell is outstanding and on point( melons and berries). Taste and effects do not disappoint.

  8. Joshua Patterson (Verified Buyer)

    Appearance 10/10. This is FiveLeafWellness at its finest. The depth of this flower is deep, covered in frost and so sticky. And this is saying something, this is probably the most beautiful flower I’ve gotten from FLW. As I peered into this flowers depth I seen orange hairs and glistening white trichomes. The beauty has layers. Effects 10/10, could only handle half a bowl, saved some for later. Strong hybrid effects like the description says, POTENT. Got me real chill but with a focus. Smell 10/10. Fruity Taste 10/10 Very enjoyable. This flower is very sticky. I’m so happy I got to try this. Thanks FiveLeafWellness, for everything. Coupon code smokinglegal19 for 10% off

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