Bubba Kush ( Indoor ) Indica Hybrid *Back in Stock*

(13 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Bubba Kush ( Indoor ) Indica Hybrid *Back in Stock*

(13 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Indoor Bubba Kush is coming in at 14.324% CBDa and LOQ Delta9 THC.   It has a very classic Bubba Kush aroma that is most similar to your recreational flower. This is hand trimmed and represents an average to large overall nug size. This has been one of our top selling strains of all time and for good reason!  For most users this strain is popular for winding down in the evening or a great nightcap before bed.

Indoor Bubba COA


13 reviews for Bubba Kush ( Indoor ) Indica Hybrid *Back in Stock*

  1. millhousepwnz (Verified Buyer)

    I have been smoking CBD flower for 4 years now and this is top 3 best flower for sleep for me so far. Everything I get from this company is amazing!

  2. David Haley (Verified Buyer)

    Absolutely fire 🔥 straight gas. I was missing the oz kush but this is right up there with it. FLW never disappoints

  3. Ben (Verified Buyer)

    This and OZ Kush are my favorites

  4. Dronuggz (Verified Buyer)

    This stuff reminds me of the kine bud I used to get when I was younger. Tastes and smells like thc, the taste will stay with you long after smoking, probably in my top 3 from flw. 10/10

  5. thizz5150907 (Verified Buyer)

    I love 💘this strane don’t need much to get to sleep 5 star smell once I pop that top it makes my house smells like bubba BK indoor is my favorite out top 10 hemp strane the greenhouse was stronger but indoor is just better tase smell and look. a lil purple light greenfluffy and a lil sticky next crop let me know please email or a call lol! Best indaca of all time keep it up 5 leafe
    I know shipping is not in yalls hand the post office messed up on my package and missed sent and it took a lilbit longer than expected 10th to the 22nd and paid for the 3 to 5 day shipping

  6. Larenzo In A Benzo (Verified Buyer)

    This was my 1st CBD choice to purchase plus the moonrock, I must say they both blew past expectations on quality.. smell is a 10+ , Dry puff is strong an the effects definitely does what its suppose to .. Straight DOPE!!

  7. Julio (Verified Buyer)

    Nice and smell like the real deal look frosty taste great like the real deal and hit like the real deal thank you

  8. Chris (Verified Buyer)

    Bubba was always a favorite THC strain for me. Bubba CBD has also become that favorite strain. I got FLW Bubba Kush outdoor a year ago and when I saw this indoor version I got so pumped. The smell is full of kush and gas, mixed in with a little berry. The buds are beautiful and the taste is superb. GREAT EFFECTS if you love a good indica

  9. LilPlug420 (Verified Buyer)

    If you are looking for a heavy indica look no further, this flower has a very sweet, gassy smell that will make your mouth water. 5stars for sure and the effects are amazing. 10/10 would recommend! A must have

  10. Kly (Verified Buyer)

    I had the outdoor and it was no where near the indoor. I got a 1g to test before I got bulk and I came back for more only to find that its now sold out. Its straight fire in terms of looks and smell, best quality physically that Ive come across. It gave me a sour diesel vibe, its gassy. I just wish the effect was stronger similar to the strong effect of the afghan. Great taste, smell and looks, the effect could be more based on the its qualities. I still give 5 stars for a great smooth smoke but beware you’ll run out of this in no time.

  11. Robert

    Not a bad strain skunky nose with that kush funk. Pleasant smoke, all around good cut.

  12. Michael H (Verified Buyer)

    Well I got another onion lol that means oz or zip lmao OUTSTANDING BUBBA KUSH MAN BEST ☆☆☆☆☆ ALL THE WAY SKUNKY FUNKY KUSH GOTTA LOVE BUBBA

  13. Michael H (Verified Buyer)


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