Blackberry Kush #8 ( Indoor ) Hybrid

(7 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Blackberry Kush #8 ( Indoor ) Hybrid

(7 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Blackberry Kush is coming in at 15.9% CBDa and ND% Delta 9 THC. This is a new cultivar we have been working on and have been very pleased with the result. This strain has a beautiful purple hue with a large amount of trichomes and orange pistils.  The aroma on this strain is sweet blackberry/skunk aroma to a juicy fruit sweetness with undertones of kush. This strain has a medium to average nug size and is hand trimmed for a very beautiful finish. This strain is an all around balancing hybrid that is popular for all day use.

Blackberry Kush COA

7 reviews for Blackberry Kush #8 ( Indoor ) Hybrid

  1. Jacob eberhart (Verified Buyer)

    They are doing amazing things at five leaf wellness. I loved the taste of this strain but then again everything I try from here is fire.

  2. Justin (Verified Buyer)

    So for the past six months I’ve been buying sour suver haze from flwr city it’s been my go to haven’t found anything close to it and then I ordered this it is amazing Looks just like the pictures and the smell is amazing don’t hesitate just purchase it you will not be disappointed

  3. Maleek Walls (Verified Buyer)

    Super sweet smells and a gorgeous strain altogether, love how purple and skunky it is. affects are 10/10

  4. Matheu Cawthon (Verified Buyer)

    This!!! This was the one!!! To me,one of the best tasting strains FLW has released to date, and they have done nothing less than impress me time after time again. The taste has a beautiful linger long after the session and the flavor profile is very profound and accurate as they described. Full body relaxation with every inhale with just enough of a lift to keep you “here” . I am glad I saw this on Instagram and gave it a try because it is most definitely a classic in my book! PLEASE keep this strain around!

  5. Keith Dangerfield (Verified Buyer)

    Wow. Best cbd dominant flower I’ve ever tried. Effects are top notch. I would have named it blackberry haze though as to me it smells like super silver haze. Don’t pass on this one yall. Just amazing.

  6. Ghost (Verified Buyer)

    Hands down some of the best bud I’ve ever smoked period – 10/10. Absolutely gorgeous purple! For me the smell was very sweet blackberry with a hint of earth and skunk. Effects were amazing, heavy behind my eyes with full body and mind relaxation and just good feeling closest feeling to being high without being high I’ve felt from Cbd.
    Grab y’all some to try you won’t be disappointed, and even if it isn’t your cup of tea your still getting some of the best quality bud you can get. As a ex mj smoker I don’t believe it can get any better than five leaf without it being mj.

  7. Dronuggz (Verified Buyer)

    This nugg is just beautiful, a treat…really. Smells like a sweet blackberry with some earthiness and skunk mixed in, when you snap open a bud you get a subtle kush smell that is very pleasant. Out of the vape you get a nice fresh blackberry taste and in the bubbler you get a deeper rich blackberry taste that is unique and satisfying. Really nice 10/10

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