Trump 5- Indica *SALE*

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*Limited Supply*

Just as the name states, this strain trumps the rest… well at least in CBD percentage.This flower is coming at 15.49% CBDa . Trump has a diesel aroma and alongside its pain-relieving properties can tend to give the user a whimsical feeling.

Contains less than 0.3% THC

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5 reviews for Trump 5- Indica *SALE*

  1. Richard James (verified owner)

    Gotta say that Trump ain’t no joke. For a cbd flower, it packs a punch. Get ready to relax

  2. Tony

    I recently placed a order for Trump 5 I was super surprised that it arrived at my house in 2 from ordering which is super fast shipping. When the flower arrived it was boxed discretely with no smell until you cut the seal. This strain was very good and smooth I would recommend it and FLW to all crowds.

  3. Michael Butler (verified owner)

    Super🔥🔥🔥 real in the couch feeling have you on stuck

  4. Sade Graves (verified owner)

    Trump will have you in a nice daze. I love it before bed will be buying more!

  5. Z’hara

    I don’t even know where I should even begin with this review. Please do NOT sleep on this wonderful outdoor flower. I have been battling with chronic migraines that makes me just want to shut down and this right here, solved that unbearable pain. The taste, the feel, the aromatics! I just love this beautiful strain right here. That whimsical feeling, yep, I felt that. It instantly relaxed me, started easing my migraine, and I was not only able to function, but also run my errands while my migraine was leaving. FLW you have a LIFETIME customer in me. I can’t wait to try your other products. I’ve literally just told my loved ones who are also suffering from ailments. Oh, that attitude I was having because I was stressed out and the unbearable migraine was killing me, yeah I was a whole lot nicer and patient with people.

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