Alpen Gleaux (Indoor) Hybrid

(12 customer reviews)


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Alpen Gleaux (Indoor) Hybrid

(12 customer reviews)


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Indoor Alpen Gleaux is here!  This strain is coming in at 14.9% CBDa and ND Delta9 THC. This strain is absolutely gorgeous, it has deep purple nugs with very vibrant orange pistils and covered in trichomes. The smell on this strain is a lemon candy aroma with hints of fruit and skunk. The bud size is medium to large with some greenish purple phenos as well. This strain is not limited in quantity but probably will not last long.  If you were a fan of the greenhouse version then you will LOVE the Indoor.  This strain is reported as a 50/50 hybrid but some users experience very indica dominant effects.

Indoor Alpen Gleaux

Contains less than 0.3% THC

12 reviews for Alpen Gleaux (Indoor) Hybrid

  1. Bryce Schoepke


  2. Carlos Colon (Verified Buyer)

    Favorite strain thus far. With every note of the aroma that fills the air and the flavor of the smoke…. tssss Forget about it. 5Stars

  3. Matheu Cawthon (Verified Buyer)

    This strain is amazing and a favorite for sure! The quality in the cure and trim is second to none. The smell is pungent and gassy. Very pleasing to the senses. My only issue with this strain is that although it is deep in purple hue , it lacks most flavor profiles associated with it. The taste is more so a sour or tart lemon then an as would be expected deep grape or dark berry. It is also, actually, more of a sativa dominant than a indica ,however make no mistake those indica effecrs are there just not as strong and pronounced as in other indicas like the Afgan or Mendo ( now THAT is an eyelid dropper!) . None the less, smokes great, very beautiful to look at and decent taste just wish it had more of a berry or grape flavor profile to it was all. 4.5/5

  4. Chandler Brown (Verified Buyer)

    Def liked this kind alot, very mellow feeling from it. pictures arent as good as it looks in person. It was super purple on one bud. Def couldnt asked for any better! keep up the good work yall!

  5. Rachel Lee (Verified Buyer)

    I will definitely be ordering this again!
    It has a very nice taste, burns smooth, and is almost immediately relaxing. Pictures can’t do it justice, it’s gorgeous flower and definitely in my top 2 favorites

  6. Joshua mullins (Verified Buyer)

    I gave it a 4 before but now with better look its not just purple.i see the orange hairs.more so on some buds.not as good as picture on hear but they probably picked one of the best to show.great strain.smells very sour.

  7. Keith (Verified Buyer)

    The purple pheno is probably the most deep, purple I’ve ever seen on a hemp strain. Tons of orange pistols, just like the picture. Gorgeous looking. The smell definitely has a lemon candy aroma to it. It smells really tasty. I just wish the taste on it would have been more pronounced is all. You get small hints of the smell in it’s flavor profile, i just wish it could have been more noticeable is all. Smooth smoke. Definitely getting hybrid effects. Very relaxed, but not sleepy.

  8. Joshua Patterson

    Alpen Gleaux. I was very fortunate to receive this one as a gift. Thank you ladies and gentlemen…APPEARANCE-The flower is really all purple with orange pistols. The frost shimmers in the right light. Not too dense not too loose. Right in the middle. SMELL-Pine,faint berry, reminds me of Granddaddy Purple. I’ve had the GDP Terpenes and vape. It kind of smells like that. There’s some cedar like also. An Earthy smell. Faint orange citrus. It’s a nice smell. It’ll keep you coming back to your bag or jar just to smell 🙂 EFEECTS AND TASTE portions will have to be given at a later date from me.

  9. Darrel House (Verified Buyer)

    Wow!!unbelievably totally purple.tastes good nice soothing effects. Need more!!

  10. joshua mullins (Verified Buyer)

    smells just like some very good sour space candy.i got a oz i bud was 7 grams and one was 4.all very big buds.smell very good.i gave it just a 4 because it is very purple all of it dark purple but no orange hair.still very good.the shipping was very fast like 3 business days and thats about 8 hours from TN to OH.

  11. tfeick16 (Verified Buyer)

    This stuff is amazing, has a nice pine smell and taste just how it smells, also looks amazing, 5/5 will order again

  12. Daniel Williams (Verified Buyer)

    Pictures do no justice! Buds are absolutely gorgeous. I ordered a 3.5 to try and now I wish I would have ordered more! It’s a smooth smoke and has a nice skunk/diesel aroma I picked up on. It is definitely a hybrid!! Will be ordering more for sure.

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