(1 Ounce) Sweet Kush Hybrid *OZ SALE*

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Sweet Kush is coming in at 15.2% CBDa and LOQ D9 THC. Sweet Kush has a nice sweet smell with orange cream and kush undertones. Sweet kush is a great all day hybrid.

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1 review for (1 Ounce) Sweet Kush Hybrid *OZ SALE*

  1. Joshua mullins (verified owner)

    I buy your indoor alot and its amazing.Kind of to strong at times.Its some top shelf but your sale hemp seems to get no love or reviews.Like this sweet kush.Or the sweet grass.Now there not as good as the indoor top shelf but they are still very great.I got my oz of sweet kush today and have not smoked let but the flowers look very close to the indoor and smell so good.I got some big flowers.One was like over 3 grams.It was worth $70 and then some.I would have paid $120 for this.Your sale hemp is better than most hemp companies top shelf stuff.I just hate that people are so all about you indoor stains that they don’t give you amazing deals a buy.People need to jump on this deal.It looks and smells pretty dam close to indoor stains.This is no cheap grass by any means.When i first got from flw.Which was a long time ago.You stuff was ok but all stains of indoor pretty much smelled and tasted the same.Like the American pie and blueberry bubble gum but you all now have stains that are all different smelling and tasting.You all just keep uping your game and droping new stains all the time.One thing is i wish you would bring more outdoor stains like you do with the indoor.Some people wont even mess with outdoor stains now.I love both.Like i got a 8th of the mendo purps which was very small flowers but a gram over about and smells like some killer.I love that you all just keep bring more stains about every week something new.Most other hemp companies just now and then bring something new to the table or they all have the same stains and just rename.Keep up the hard work.I no you will.Much love to you all and your love ones in these hard times.Joshua mullins from boring Columbus ohio.

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